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Application: The machine is used for stranding control cable, copper cores, ACSR, Aluminum and copper conductor, and needed by big section of steel stranded wire and steel wire rope making

b) Component: Central pay-off device, mainframes of 6-bobbin, 12- bobbin, 18- bobbin, 24- bobbin, 30- bobbin, die holder, taping device, armouring device, traction, take-up and traverse device, transmission system and electric control system.

c) Technical Parameter:

Dia. of inlet wire( mm)7810
RPM Max speed(r/min)12711885
Stranding pitch(mm)48-131548-131558-1280
Taping Speed(r/min)188-419
Taping Pitch(mm)10-205
RPM of armouring head188-419
Pitch of armouring head10-205