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  1. Application: The high speed machines mainly used for stranding copper wire, aluminum wire, steel wire, ACSR and wire rope. Accompanied with taping head, it can used for insulation cores and some control cable stranding process.
  2. Component: Central pay-off, cage host, taping device(optional), capstan, take-up and traverse device and electric control system.
  3. Main Character:

1.The machine can work steadily with the whole holder, and the protect cover adopts high grade seamless steel tube, so the structure is also steady with lower noises.

2.The timing power can be manipulated easily to adjust the speed .The protect cover has the right and reverse direction circumrotate.

3. The main machine and the haul-off unit adopt shift gears case, so the working intensity is lower and the pitch is exact.

4. Equipped with automatic parking equipment -the safeguard, it means the machine will stop when the thread runs out or the door is open.

  1. Technical Parameter
SpecificationJGGA400JGGA500JGGA 630
Inlet wire Dia(mm)Conductor1.5-3.51.8-4.02.0-5.0
Frame rotation speed(r/min)700600400
Stranding Pitch(mm)41-31244-334
Linear Speed(m/min)27-205.3222-166.8514-108.9
Capstan Dia(mm)800+10001000+12001000+1250
Size of Take-upPN1250PN1600PN1600