Tubular Stranding Machine for stranding steel wire aluminium wire copper wire

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The tubular stranding machine is used for stranding steel wire, al wire, cu wire, control cable.


2.Main components:

Pay off stand, stranding body, assembling die, dual capstan, take up with traverse stand, transmission system, and electric control system etc....


3.Main features:

1.The tubular body is in a whole with little radial run out. It's supported on the bearing on both ends, and runs at a very low noise.

2.Bobbin is clamped by disc springs and released by pneumatic device..

3.Wire-break and emergent stops provided for all the line

4.The machine adopts PLC control the whole line. The electrical control system is advance in technology, easy in operation, reliable in running.


4.Main Technical Data


TypeJLG-200/1+6     JLG-200/1+12JLG-400/1+6  JLG-400/1+12JLG-500/1+6  JLG-630/1+6  
Single conductor dia.(mm)0.2~0.85  (cu,steel,al)1.0~2.0 (cu,steel) 1.0~2.6 (Al)1.3~3.5 (cu,steel) 1.7~4.6 (Al)1.5~3.5(cu,steel) 1.8~4.6 (Al)
Max stranded dia(mm)2.5121515
Max stranded pitch(mm)68.348.9~16934.7~33243~439
Max Speed of cage(rpm)1200500500350
Max line speed(m/min)56100165110
Pay off reelPN200PN400PN500PN630
Main motor(AC)7.5KW22KW30KW45KW